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    Newbie....looking at 2012 Marin Palisades Trail 29er

    I'm new to all this and looking at the 2012 Marin Palisades Trail 29er Bike (22), it's only around $1350 but all I can spend at the moment. Had looked at the Scott Scale 29 Team and Elite but was not happy with the ride at all. I thought the Marin rode great and I just kept going back to it...I...
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    new trail rider in houston

    names shawn in houston texas and new to the sport of trail riding , i rode bmx and motocross as a teen and quickly outgrew the 20 inch bmx after a few years of it , so here i am 10 years later with the urge to get back on a bike and bust my shins some more with peddles , just bought this...
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    Bionicon demo day in Marin County, April 24

    Like German engineering and beer? Come over to Gestalt Haus in Fairfax on Saturday, April 24th, from 10AM to 3PM, to test ride the most versatile and fun mountain bikes on the market! Bionicon bikes have a unique, adjustable geometry / suspension design like no one else in the industry--with...
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    New shop in Bryson City

    Hey, there is a new shop located only 15 minutes from the famed Tsali singletrack. Come by and check out our stuff. We carry Marin and Kona, along with Eastern BMX. We are brand new, only 8 weeks here, but we are here to help. We will be completely involved with Tsali trail work, racing in...