1. Pesqueeb

    Pellet Stoves

    Anybody use one as their primary heat source? Our furnace developed a fairly substantial crack in the heat exchanger last winter (hellooo carbon monoxide!). Since it was pretty much the end of heating season we decided to leave it over the summer and save up cash to pay for a new one this...
  2. Damo

    Olympic BMX

    Where on the 'net can I see replays of the Semi's? Just want to see Graves killing it!
  3. Damo

    Choose me a bike.

    I always roll my eyes when a grom posts "help me choose my bike" on the DH forum. Well, this is the roadie forum and now its me that has no idea. I have a road bike that I am riding nearly every day. Its a POS, but good enough for training purposes. However, I am enjoying road enough that...