marzocchi 888

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    2013 888 Evo Ti v 2013 380 CR

    Looking for a little bit of real-world input here since I can't seem to find much in the way of a decent review on either. I know the evo ti is a bit lighter but it will also cost me about an extra $250. Does anyone have any experience with the 380? I'm more than happy to pay the price...
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    Port Angeles, WA – Pro GRT 1

    Photos By: Stephanie Wolf & Mike Lord / six3events.com Words by: Quinton Spaulding The KHS factory team recently attended the Pro GRT # 1 in Port Angeles, WA. and it was tuff trying to maintain warmth in the North West during this event. Our Factory Team was proud to be...
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    How to change the travel in 888 ?

    Hi, How I can change the travel in 888 RC 2005 170mm to 200 mm ? And the same thing with 888 R 2005 (from 170mm to 200mm) ? Many thanks for help...