1. P

    For Sale Trek Remedy 9 29er, 17.5", w/ new parts & upgrades

    This is a 2014 Trek Remedy 9 29er, size 17.5" (please see geometry below). The bike was not ridden for the first year due to surgery and has been ridden as an XC bike ever since (coastal Maine is pretty flat). It has been meticulously maintained and recently had the Fox 34 Factory fork...
  2. ocelot

    For Sale 2014 Turner DHR medium, complete bike

    2300 USD obo 2014 Turner DHR medium very well maintained and in excellent condition. Warranty is still valid until mid-July 2016. Nothing needs to be fixed, it is ready to go as is. Plenty of extras included!!! There are a few small scratches here and there, but everything is purely...
  3. W

    Mavic Simplex downtube shifters

    I need a right side (rear derailer) downtube shifter for my kestrel roadbike. The shifter is broken and will not hold in gear. I believe that it is a Mavic Simplex shifter. it says RD 12.9 on the bolt that tightens the shifter to the frame. I will take a set if available.