1. Westy

    Tips and Tricks

    Thought folks could post their little tips and tricks for working on bikes they have learned over time. Here are a few of mine -Put the bike in the big ring when wrenching so if you bump the chainring you don't tear yourself up. -Those marinating syringes that can be found at the...
  2. erikkellison

    PD-M646 Overhaul Walkthrough

    Okay, so I hear these pedals are no longer made, and are great. I for one am quite impressed with the quality. So, knowing I was going to overhaul a set of them prior to sale (since I don't ride clipless), I decided to make it a photo-walkthrough. There are a couple hangups that a walkthrough...
  3. ohio

    D3.1 and Alpine III build notes

    This should probably go in the Mech Forum, but given the components, it's probably more useful here... So last night, I finally got away from work early enough to lace up the new wheelset: D3.1s, Hope Bulbs, DT Alpine IIIs, 16mm brass nipples. They didn't get tensioned for two reasons: 1...