1. DirtyDog

    Crank Options

    Are there any high end cranks being produced with a polished finish? Is anyone in the US building good cranks anymore? Seems like Everyone and their grandma was making a crank 10 years ago.
  2. SBDownhillRacer

    outboard bearing middleburns???

    its been forever and i still havent seen them. Did the idea just fizzle away?
  3. Bicyclist

    So, Middleburn, where are the outboard cranks?

    I've been itching to get some new lighter cranks to ditch some weight and Middleburns sound like the hot ticket, but I want to run the outboards. I heard they were gonna be released this spring, but there's no sign of em. Anyone know what's going on w/ them, or what the expected weight/cost will...
  4. Brian HCM#1

    Middleburn has their new site up.

    http://www.middleburn.co.uk/ However no info on the outboard bearing cranks:(
  5. W

    Middleburn outboard bearing cranks?

    Do any of you monkeys have any info on the new Middleburn Outboard Dh cranks that are supposed to come out soon? like any proto pics you've seen or when they are do to be released? Thanks.