1. V

    6-7" bike conundrum - Commencal Supreme FR, others?

    Hey all, first post here, but have been lurking for quite some time. Been drooling over DH bikes for a long time, but never had the bones to buy one, until now. I am, though, moving to a place where lifts aren´t an option, and I have no idea if there´re any DH/FR crews around (wrt...
  2. PatBranch

    Prototype Mini-DH bike

    When I was at Sea Otter, poaching the course with my camera stuff to find another spot to shoot, I came across a trail through the bushes, that lead under the fence by the s-turn. photo by Ian Wilkinson - http://downhillnews.com I followed it for probably 3 miles (why not?). Then the trail...