mmike = chris crocker

  1. MMike

    Omigosh! omigosh! Omigosh!!

    http://communities.canada.com/montrealgazette/blogs/showbiz/archive/2010/10/24/julie-snyder-promises-quot-astonishing-quot-revelation-from-celine.aspx Celine Dion has a astonishing revelation for the world on Thurs!!!!! Oh boy! Oh boy!!!
  2. johnbryanpeters

    Wow, MMike's dumb.

    He tossed a couple of hotdogs on the BBQ; out of laziness, reached into the fridge for a beer and the mustard squeeze bottle. Hotdog in each hand, he proceed to shake the wrong hand (the neighbors called the police).
  3. UniGeezer

    Ever seen a 36er LIKE THIS on the trail!?

    From 3/4/10. Something quite unusual for your perusal: Testing drops, jumps, speed, maneuverability and even some super smooth cable cam shots! Everything is MUCH more of a challenge on this huge wheel, but FUN!!! :thumb:
  4. MMike

    I hereby decree...

    ....that this be the official handshake of ridemonkey.
  5. MMike

    My webcam is here.....

    ...of course now I feel like a loser. I have no-one to webcam with. sigh..... just a sad, lonely image of myself on the screen.....sigh... still nothing..... sigh.....