mmike is beautiful

  1. MMike

    She did it!

    Emily finally rode without training wheels for the first time (while pedaling) This has been a hard fought battle. But I think I can almost credit that video of the little kid on the push bike in the skate park from a couple of weeks back. We have a "spare" little bike. It's been without...
  2. MMike

    Eff da po-lice some more

    http://www.autismsupportnetwork.com/news/sitting-public-crime-those-autism-3374633 ignorant jackasses.....
  3. MMike

    We have a bear in town

    http://www.montrealgazette.com/technology/Young+bear+spotted+Lazare/3248913/story.html I'm glad to hear that they just want to leave him be........