mmike = ron jeremy

  1. CrabJoe StretchPants

    MMike haunts me

    The engineer next to me just yelled "Try it now!" over the cubicle wall to my boss. I LOLed. That is all.
  2. splat

    Dead Teen's Classmates Discover His Brain in Jar

    I guess it better then Abby Normals Brian. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/10/02/ap/strange/main6921179.shtml A Staten Island couple is suing New York City after the shocking discovery that their dead son's brain was on display in a jar at a city morgue. Jesse Shipley was 17 when he died...
  3. jimmydean

    Happy Birfday MMike!

    Haha, are you trading the Jeep for a Vette today? Happy birthday, eh.
  4. MMike

    The Family Guy cut-away thread

    Post your random scenario that has nothing to do with the plot. "This is worse than the time that I rubbed one out right after installing fiberglass insulation!"
  5. $tinkle

    hbd joe biden

    he's 66 http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/11/20/obama-brings-biden-birthday-cupcakes-2/
  6. pinkshirtphotos


    myspace has to be the best website ever today look at their homepage www.myspace.com this is their background image
  7. BurlyShirley

    I'm out for a while...

    ..but will certainly be back in time for the mustache competition conclusion. Someone make sure to tag all MMA threads with "homoerotic pseudo-sports" for me. Thanks.
  8. MMike

    My webcam is here.....

    ...of course now I feel like a loser. I have no-one to webcam with. sigh..... just a sad, lonely image of myself on the screen.....sigh... still nothing..... sigh.....
  9. Potroast88

    Curtains don't match the carpet?

    If you're still rockin' the 70's style bush and it ain't matching, this ought to help. http://bettybeauty.com/
  10. DRB

    South American Guns....

  11. Red Rabbit

    Hottest MTB Chicks

    I vote Darcy Turenne Super hot
  12. MMike

    Say what you will about Justin Timberlake's music

    ...but jebus, he's funny. SNL was awesome this weekend...