mmike sucks again

  1. MMike

    Guns don't kill people......

    ....oh wait...right....they do.. Canadian border city has first homicide in 26 months - CNN.com
  2. MMike

    Gosh glasses are expensive

    So I finally had my eyes checked tonight. Turns I'm near blind as a bat. Well not that bad, but the optometrist thinks that I should be wearing glasses to drive (which was why I went in in the first place). But like $200-ish for frames and $170-ish for middle of the road lenses. What the...
  3. MMike

    Yep...we Quebecers really are dumb.

    http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/More+Quebec+teens+taking+smoking/2538171/story.html Smoking is on the rise. freaking brilliant