1. CrabJoe StretchPants

    The "Thing you don't want to see" thread

    I'll start...... Names of appliances/zones followed by question marks next to circuit breakers on your electrical panel.
  2. JohnE

    Who is NOT watching the game?

    I am not watching...stupid Bears. Plan on heading out to my local trail system and seeing how dry/wet they are after a couple days of intermittent rain. Anyone else?
  3. jimmydean

    Jersey Shore.

    Wow, it was like meth! I wanted to turn the channel, I wanted to look away, but I was hooked! 4 guidos and 4 bimbos living in a house on the shore. It goes so far beyond anything reality TV could have reached before. Yes, I watched the entire first episode and can't wait for the next one...
  4. stinkyboy

    I Hate...

    The fact that the owners of the company I work at feel the need to have some PC slob install spyware on the Macs in the creative department tonight. Sure, it's easy to disable, but these people who don't even know what a forum/blog/newsgroup, etc. is, yet when they needed a crapload of hits on a...