1. MMike

    Is it eric strt6 that makes a big deal....

    .....about BBQ-ing when it's .....ahem..."cold"?
  2. MMike

    Soon to be better than SkaredShtles too

    Emily was finally out of skis for the first time today. Good times were had. She is not afraid of speed...and has no interest in learning to stop.
  3. MMike

    me = genius

    No really. as some of you may recall, my wife has fibromyalgia. Not a lot of fun for anyone. As such, by the end of the day, she's sore and tired. We has meant for many years now, cooking dinner has been my job. And I'm not much of a cooker, so none of us have eaten too well. So this...
  4. MMike

    Do I....

    So I'm in the hotel now. I skied at Sunshine VIllage today. Awesome day. Very tired. The dilemma....do I order room service...but I can't get beer. Or do I man up, and go down to the restaurant so I can drink alone?
  5. MMike

    terrible 80's ski movie

  6. MMike

    I must be a homosexual

    So I admit it. I've been watching "Glee". I had initially been intrigued because it has Jane whatshername from Best in Show and Two and a half men. She's hilarious. Turns out she's not in it that much. The plot to the show is completely ridiculous. But whoever is doing the singing (I...
  7. C

    CChris prepares for Arrival of MMike

    Hey All, As you know, MMike is moving the Family back to where he came from. Maybe the mountains aren't as tall; maybe the riding isn't as crazy; maybe the snow doesn't fall as deep; maybe the roads aren't as smooth; maybe the grocery stores don't have the same variety; maybe the cable TV...