moar gunz

  1. Beef Supreme

    Gun Control

    This isn't going to be popular on this board but I can't keep it in. The recent shootings at a mall I frequent and an elementary school in CT have brought me to a personal tipping point. I've had it, it's time for serious gun control measures in this country. It's also time to reign in this...
  2. Pesqueeb

    Whats the over/under....

    .... On whether or not this is the work of a tea-tard? Remember Sharon Angles second amedment remedey threat? *edit for more info: Jumpin Jeebus
  3. $tinkle

    obama a boon to gun industry

    Gun sales soar with Obama election a serious question: why would you need an ar15, m16, or m4? and if you have a serious answer, do you also need a 203 or a grenade launcher?