moar shims?

  1. rockofullr

    Fixing Lyric RC Shim Stack

    Might be getting a bike with a Lyric RC on it. How much of a pain in the ass will it be to fix the shim stack? Apparently the shim stack is way too stiff making the fork handle like shit compared to the RCT3 which has the same dampener. So I should be able to get the same performance out of the...
  2. karpi

    Shims for Valving

    Hey guys, since its kinda hard to get a hold of shims for valving down here, a friend of mine was thinking of making some shims here. He has the tools and stuff to do it, question is... what materials and processes does it need? Please refrain from simply saying "just buy some, it'll save you...
  3. no skid marks

    Why are people running 40s and Boxxers over 888s?

    Just curious why people are running Boxxers, or 40s now days instead of 2010-11 888s. Is it just lack of knowledge, minor weight gains, or sponsorship specials?
  4. B

    The new Foes RS7

    So a customer of mine got his new RS7 a couple weeks ago and before he picked it up I grabbed some quick shots of the frame. The RS7's haven't shipped yet, but they'll be out within a few weeks, I believe they were waiting to be painted. The frame has since been painted a flashy...