moar shimz

  1. IH8Rice

    camber tire.....(car talk, beware)

    great idea for performance purpose....almost reinventing the tire adding negative camber into the tire itself to prevent wear by too much negative camber in the suspension with a normal tire video with inventor: http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/extras/car-parts/camber-tires/...
  2. mandown

    Suspension tuning for changing wheel weight?

    I just changed my tire/wheel combo and noticed that my suspension feels different. I though I was having an off day, or that my new tires might not be set up at the right pressure yet, or that my new wheels might be flexy. Then, my bud who had been following me said that my rear wheel was...
  3. Dirtjumper999

    Lowering a Pike..

    I was just thinking about this and wanted to see if there was something I was overlooking with this theory.. If you took a Rock Shox Pike Air U-turn, and took out the the entire Air U-turn assembly, and put in its place a 100mm travel Solo-Air Cartridge, wouldn't that pull down the fork to...
  4. M

    Alrighty, so, my boxxers do NOTHING.

    So i had to ask you all for help the other day, which led to the discovery that the boxxers id bought were actually assembled wrong and had the wrong damper in each leg. so, that sorted, i put them back together etc, put the correct oil amounts and weights in, please do bear in mind that the...