1. johnbryanpeters

    2019 July 25-28, NE Monkeyfest

  2. johnbryanpeters

    2017 Monkeyfest, July 27-30

    Saratoga, NY, details to be announced, please to stay tuned...
  3. johnbryanpeters

    (.Y.) Rainy Sunday (.Y.)

    Monkeyfest is winding down and it's raining. Good people, good riding, good times. V had a scary crash with seriously broken helmet and a concussion, trip to hospital to make sure head not about to explode. We all about shit ourselves but pulled together as a group to handle it. Theresa and I...
  4. TreeSaw

    Monkeyfest v.2015

    Greetings Monkeys! It's that time of year again...the time when we begin plotting the summer poo-flinging excursion. Here's the deal.... Location: Wilmington, NY (Lake Placid Area) Dates: July 16-20, 2015 (Thursday - Sunday and if there's enough interest we could stay until Monday)...
  5. TreeSaw

    Official Summer Monkeyfest 2011

    Welcome to the official “Summer Monkeyfest 2011” Thread! I apologize for the delay in scheduling, but we are confirmed from August 4-8th (which coincides with the Burke Bike n’ Brewfest)!!!:cheers: First thing you need to do is confirm space, there are beds for 22 so...
  6. splat

    Just Because I can

    I'm Thirsty
  7. johnbryanpeters

    Summer 2010 northeast Monkeyfest 7/15-7/18

    Thursday July 16 to Sunday July 18. Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Thursday BadDNA Greggah TreeSaw & Earl IAB & MBC irishblue76 & Mark johnbryanpeters Zombie & Cromby1 (?) D.2 and Matt Friday Mr.Bishop maddog17 (maybe Thu.) Pesqueeb (?) Heidi (?) douglas mudgirl (?) Yelo & Melou (?) binary...
  8. BadDNA

    Northeast Monkeyfest 2009

    Let the countdown begin! Dates TBD!
  9. BadDNA

    Fall Monkeyfest t-minus OMG this weekend!11!!

    Confirmed for October 10-12. Attendees: Treesaw & Earl BadDNA MBC & IAB Woodsguy James Quo Fan & Big T badcrumble strangeland2 ? maddog17 pinkshirtphotos ? JBP ? McGRP01 JRogers Yelo & Melou SparrowOnMe +1 Tequila Doug ? DHRFXJoe PolandSpring88
  10. splat

    MONKEYFEST 2008 -- Kingdom Trails Vt

    Yes Monkey fest was a Huge amount of fun! Lots of beer, food, beer, rain, Beer and yeah there was some riding. first off , Pigboy is inspecting the cooling set up for the first 2 Kegs. Pigboy demonstartaing how to put Dry Ice , warm water in a a Plactic bottle , seal it and throw...
  11. BadDNA

    Monkeyfest minus less than a week...

    Friday, August 1st to Sunday August 3rd Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Renting the old Grange hall which is a few hundred yards from the trails. TreeSaw and Earl Quo Fan and BigT BadDNA douglas JBP Splat Echo BikeGeek mudgirl MMcG (?) Riding Tenchiro JRogers pigboy badcrumble syadasti deyv &...