moose knuckle

  1. AngryMetalsmith

    VP Debate...

    ... the total very serious for realz thread. I got a dollar that says Palin snaps, hits the panic button and starts praying out loud and speaking in tongues. I've seen it happen before. An ex-roommate of mine in college pulled that when I was trying to discuss an issue regarding our dorm...
  2. -BB-

    Grocery on way to whistler?

    I'm leaving for Whistler on Thursday, and this time we got a place with a kitchen/fridge. Where is the best place to stop and get supplies on the way from the airport to whistler? I don't want to pay "resort" prices on everything. Is there a place on the way up that would be cheap...
  3. Spero

    Screw botox. I want a 'designer vagina'.

    http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=080801145404.zfnnx1i6&show_article=1 "Unwarranted"? I think not.