mooshu is a scene kid

  1. T

    Alright, sanjuro convinced me. I did something dumb again

    I was comming home from work the day before new years eve. I was coming down a busy street with allot of street parking. There was some fool in an Audi and a cervello with new dura ace stuff on it at a stop. I zip by him on the right and he again passes me only to swerve into a spot on the...
  2. JewBagel

    How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    don't know, they're still trying to find one to match their deep V's:bonk:
  3. T

    I punched a scene kid in the face

    twice. First time was 2 Saturdays ago now. me and my buddy were ridding over to the burrito place to get food. We saw some scene kids in front of toys-r-us, and per my usual response to those goofy looking ****s I busted up laughing. one of them was all "come say that to my face" so I did and...