most important iab is ok

  1. splat

    Hit and Run Driver on My Commute in today.

    Got hit by a Car today on the way in :( I'm OK , Bikes OK I was pedaling up Oak Hill road , it is a About a 2 mile Gradual Uphill, taking it easy going along , When All of a sudden Ka-pow , on my on my Left shoulder , glass is flying and I am just trying to hold my Bike up, I Look and...
  2. I Are Baboon

    MtnBikerChk's new road bike! (before and after pics)

    MtnBikerChk had been wanting a new road bike, and after a couple months of deciding what to get, she picked up her brand spankin' new carbon fiber Trek Madone this morning. Such a purty bike! SRAM components. Soooo....of course we had to go for a road ride today! 1.9 miles into...