mountain biking

  1. LoriR

    Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival

    June 8 & 9, 2019 18th Annual Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival 3 Events, 1 Weekend 24.12.6 HOURS OF PATS PEAK: -There are three options to choose from: 24-hours, 12-hours and 6-hours. -Racing Categories include solo, two person, four person and five person teams. XC CHALLENGE: Sunday only...
  2. Heidi


    Sold the house, quitting our jobs, hitting the road. Stay tuned for adventures. http://www.beerbikesandcampfires.com/ Instagram: Bikeheidi
  3. L

    The Riders Life

    The driving force behind our show is grassroots racing and the lifestyle of bike riding. We didn't want our show to just simply fall into the run of the mill category of product reviews, race highlights and how to videos. We've structured the show to involve the people, the stories they have to...
  4. sacredrides

    Get paid to ride your mountain bike?

    Hey all, as some of you know, Sacred Rides has been offering award-winning mountain bike tours around the world for over 20 years. I’ve been blessed to make this my life and to travel the world with my mountain bike. For the last year and a half I've been working on a program to enable...
  5. J

    Mountain Biking Social Survey

    Hello! My name is Jacob Geil, a high school senior from St. Johnsbury, Vermont. For my AP Research course, I am conducting an impact study regarding a trail network that recently began construction in my area. But first, a little about the trail system: the Kingdom South Project aims to...
  6. Adventure Tour Nepal

    Experience best Mountain biking experience in Country of Himalayas.

    Introducing Lower Mustang, which is located north of the main Himalayan chain between the snow-capped mountain on the east and west bordering Tibet and relatively wide and leveled ridge towards north with pass not higher than 4,600m. This is a classic and rewarding mountain bike trail that...
  7. Feral Motion

    Official Feral Motion Product Launch Party @ The Lumberyard

    Feral Motion is making it official with our party date set for Sept. 22, 2012 at The Lumberyard in Portland, Oregon and everyone is invited. Check out our new camera crew in your pocket technology that automatically captures your riding highlights when you wear one of our unique tags and pass...
  8. Feral Motion

    Riot in the Yard @ The Lumberyard

    Feral Motion is throwing it's official launch party at The Lumberyard on Sept 22nd for all riders. This party is already huge with a number of pro riders showing up for the pro jam, a commercial shoot you can be a part of and a free swag give away just for showing up and being part of the fun...
  9. L

    The Hardest Day I've Ever Had - Part 1 of 3

    This is a 3-part series I'm writing for our blog. I figured I'd share it with some other racing junkies. Some days are hard. What an understatement. We all have them though. There’s no getting around them, no avoiding them, no putting them off. Sometimes you can see a hard day coming...
  10. tracerey

    FUNtastic downhill

  11. tracerey

    Bamboo Trail Push Landslide

    Just sharing a video of our ride....
  12. tracerey

    Hong Kong Mountain Biking - GoPro HD Hero

    Another Hong Kong Mountain Biking on GoPro HD Hero....
  13. tracerey

    Hong Kong Mountain Biking - GoPro HD Hero

    Hi All, Just to share our Rides here in Hong Kong. ENJOY!!! tracerey's Channel - YouTube
  14. tracerey

    Tai Mo Shan Trail - GoPro HD Hero

    Hong Kong Mountain Biking....
  15. D

    North Meck Cyclo-Cross Series

    November 1st, 8th, 15th, & 29th, 2011 6:00 PM - Men CX 4, Masters 35+, Women 6:40 PM - CX Open, Men CX 3/4 Have you ever thought about trying something a little more challenging with your bike? Then cyclocross is the sport for you! Join us on Tuesday nights in November to test your...
  16. D

    Turn & Burn Off-Road Duathlon & 5k Trail Run

    Back by popular demand: The Turn and Burn 5k Trail Run and Short Distance Off-Road Duathlon will be hosted at Fisher Farm Park in Davidson, NC on Saturday morning October 29. It’s been several years since we hosted the challenging Turn and Burn off-road event and we are bringing it back as...
  17. M

    Norcross Scurry MTB Race on August 28th

    Root 66 Norcross Scurry MTB Race on August 28th in Ashford, CT Please support our race!!!! This is an awesome venue for the whole family. Food and drink available for purchase, indoor pavilions, real bathrooms, bike wash, well marked, awesome spectator viewing, and tons of course marshals...
  18. H

    High Country Adventure Film Fest & Phot Contest

    High Country Adventures is proud to announce the first annual High Country Adventure Film Festival & Photo Competition. The Festival will take place at the Dragonfly Theater & Pub on December 12, 2009. Categories for the festival entries will be: - Snowsports: Snowboarding & Snow skiing -...
  19. E

    Extreme downhill mountain biking.

    Extreme downhill mountain biking Amazing the end is the best :biggrin: