1. W

    GoPro3: Downhill in Sweden

    Video of me and some friends riding downhill in Sweden and filming with the go pro hero3 black!
  2. U

    Anyone want to ride 100 miles down hill in Honduras this July?

    I am putting together an organized guided, fully supported group mountain bike ride from La Union, Lempiro, Honduras to The outskirts of San Pedro Sula. It is approximately 100 miles trough the mountains, forests, along rivers, through villages, etc. the route is 40 miles of dirt roads and the...
  3. ImILL

    DJ bike riding DH?

    Can you run a 26er hardtail mtb DJ bike on a mildly elevated mountain, like Diablo bike park or spring mountain in pa?
  4. max.broman

    Any alternatives? Or is this the right bike for me?

    Alright. So I ride a hardtail gary fisher marlin right now, but I've been riding a lot lately, and have found I need a better bike. I ride some technical downhill style trails, single tracks, XC style trails, and then sometimes even ride on gravel roads and such. So I need a do it all...
  5. B

    Gravity East #2 Wisp Video

    Stay tuned for the ending :rant: Enjoy :D
  6. B

    Gravity East #2 Wisp (Fresh Video)

    Stay tunned for the Endng:rant: Enjoy :D
  7. admin

    Freestyle Mountain Bikers Steal SF Giants Fans with Barge Caper

    http://static.grindtv.com/1.2.1345/swf/video.swf?sa=1&si=1&i=42746&sct=bike http://www.grindtv.com/video/bike/freestyle_mountain_bikers_on_barge_in_sf_bay/
  8. E

    Need some feedback

    what about this video watch it and tell me what you think