1. W

    GoPro3: Downhill in Sweden

    Video of me and some friends riding downhill in Sweden and filming with the go pro hero3 black!
  2. ImILL

    DJ bike riding DH?

    Can you run a 26er hardtail mtb DJ bike on a mildly elevated mountain, like Diablo bike park or spring mountain in pa?
  3. max.broman

    Any alternatives? Or is this the right bike for me?

    Alright. So I ride a hardtail gary fisher marlin right now, but I've been riding a lot lately, and have found I need a better bike. I ride some technical downhill style trails, single tracks, XC style trails, and then sometimes even ride on gravel roads and such. So I need a do it all...
  4. B

    Gravity East #2 Wisp Video

    Stay tuned for the ending :rant: Enjoy :D
  5. B

    Gravity East #2 Wisp (Fresh Video)

    Stay tunned for the Endng:rant: Enjoy :D
  6. admin

    Freestyle Mountain Bikers Steal SF Giants Fans with Barge Caper

    http://static.grindtv.com/1.2.1345/swf/video.swf?sa=1&si=1&i=42746&sct=bike http://www.grindtv.com/video/bike/freestyle_mountain_bikers_on_barge_in_sf_bay/
  7. E

    Need some feedback

    what about this video watch it and tell me what you think