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    Ridge Line. Day 1 of an exploration trip to the jungle side of Cusco, just on the other side of the mountains.
  2. C

    Bike Odyssey 2021 - XC Race in Greece

    "Bike Odyssey 2021" will be held from June 20 to 27 June. Get ready for the biggest cycling Odyssey in the mountains of Pindos. Stay tuned for many more! https://www.bikeodyssey.gr/en/
  3. Aaron Danielson

    I need your opinion on this: Ways You Save Sa

    I'm reaching out to all of you to get some insight on the best ways you save money, particularly in this riding discipline. I run a blog about how people can better save money in the MTB market, and I'd love to hear your input. Tell me about a unique way you saved money. And it could be...
  4. E

    Eastern PA gang

    anybody on from eastern PA / philly area?
  5. L

    The Riders Life

    The driving force behind our show is grassroots racing and the lifestyle of bike riding. We didn't want our show to just simply fall into the run of the mill category of product reviews, race highlights and how to videos. We've structured the show to involve the people, the stories they have to...
  6. the_maxis_233

    Octane One PRO Orbital SS - Hub Spares

    I have this rear hub Octane One Pro Orbital SS 135x10, but when i changed the bearings i lost a small washer lock from the drive-side cap, i wrote a email for Octane One but not receives any response. My question is, anyone knows where i can get a washer lock like that? Thanks
  7. Nanang Hendrawan

    For Sale Cannondale Scalpel 29 Carbon Team 2015

    I sell second XC bike, Cannondale Scalpel 29 Carbon Team 2015. I bought this bike 5 months ago. There some scratch that you can see in the picture i give. All parts still good, perfect and normal functionally. Price still negotiable. I can give moneyback guarantee if there is anything problem...
  8. D

    For Sale Eastern Black Betty Custom DJ Build

    I built this bike up specifically for park/dirt. I'm looking for something that can take some bigger hits and is designed for trails/dirt jumps. Slopestyle preferred. This bike has been great to me. It's solid, the geometry is PERFECT! Slammed chainstays, steep angle in the head tube. I just...
  9. P

    MTB Bulgaria

    Hello, We are going to visit mountains Rodopi with bike in september 2013. We would like to cycle on the mountain ridge for seven days.Could you recommend me any routes or webpage with MTB routes's map? We prefer a moderate terrain on a mountain ridge. Kind regards Pavel
  10. S

    2013 Gravity East Series

    i see the 2013 GES schedule is up, i was wanted to try it this year, anyone do it last year?
  11. Dirty Maestro

    Distracted Vid =)

    Finally got a short edit done for the Get Dirty 20?24?26 Clothing Series. I've been so busy diggin, shaping and everything trails...... This season has been a blast!
  12. Dirty Maestro

    Distracted Riding Pics =)

    Here's a few pics from this season....Enjoy =) http://distractedsite.com/
  13. D

    Down gearing a single speed MTB

    Hey, I own a Haro Thread 1 2009 but I have a little problem. I bought it single speed as standard but the gearing is far too high for me. It is currently running a 16t cassette and a 34t chain ring and I was wondering how I could down gear it. I want to down gear it by quite a lot almost trials...
  14. T

    Riders Wanted

    We are looking for riders to join out team to help find a cure for Parkinson's. Through the Team Troll Parkinson's Campaign, recreational and competitive cyclists are raising awareness about Parkinson's while raising funds for research at Van Andel Institute (VAI) to fight the disease. The team...
  15. breesteak

    newbie saddle help

    i literally started cycling this morning LOL i can't run outside, as the impact kills me, so i decided to cycle in the summers to stay active. anyway, i have some questions about my saddle. see, i got this bike free from a local guy. 7-8 years old Kona Hahanna MTB. (says RaceLight on the side)...
  16. ImILL

    How to get a town/city to sanction a dirt jump trail or park?

    How do I go about doing this? Theres a MTB XC trail in my town and I want to build a pump track or DJ set without getting in trouble. Kind of like the jumps at 9th street in Austin,TX or like Cunningham park in Queens, Ny
  17. TreeSaw

    Team LUNA Chix Saratoga Mountain Bike Ride Calendar

    Greetings fellow riders!!! We hope that you can all join us for some great rides throughout the Capital Region this season. We will continue to follow our rotation, alternating co-ed and women's only rides at Luther Forest, Colonie Town Park, Central Park and SMBA. Please check out the...
  18. RyyS

    Ride Your Way 2: Bling - full BMX MTB movie

    That was really intensive season for all of us - many trips, sessions, contests. Unfortunately, for so many times, rain, security or injuries appeared in the most important moments. But after all -- we love what we do so we had a lot of fun. We hope you will feel this and have fun too watching...
  19. M

    Mountain Bike iPhone mounting system!

    Hey All, I have designed a sweet system to hold my phone on my bike to just have with me.... or shoot some sweet video. take a look at my kickstarter funding page and lets get this case/mounting system funded and produced so we can use it...
  20. J

    GoPro footage DJ, trails and wheelies!

    http://www.youtube.com/embed/sm5EP-a5rxQ Here's some footage from my trip to Queenstown, NZ.