1. daisycutter

    bad news like a rain bow in the dark

    get well soon Dio http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/8380305.stm
  2. chance199

    Whats the longest song you have on your Ipod, Zune, ETC.

    Mine is: Black Rose Immortal by Opeth. Length 20:14 ive only listened to it 6 times through now haha
  3. dump

    The Making of Artwork for "Afternoon Delighting"

    Last month I worked with a local (San Francisco) musician/producer/independent-music-label to create the album art for an upcoming release. I recorded the process out of curiosity and just for fun. The album came out last week and I put together a video of the creation process - here it is...
  4. narlus

    most overrated, current bands

    bands whose hype i just do not understand: animal collective girl talk kings of leon modest mouse crystal castles
  5. TN

    Who would you like to see perform at the Inauguration?

    Me....Public Enemy.
  6. mandown

    Mindless Self Indulgence

    Man, I hated these guys when I saw them a few years ago opening for Rammstein & Soulfly; but, I now think they are the beezkneez. Who is with me?
  7. T

    Just got agnostic front tickets

    hell yea
  8. Potroast88


    Rocks. Everytime Clutch comes to town it seems like something comes up and I can't make it to the show. Finally got a chance to see them tonite and it was definitely worth the wait. Great show. The Sword opened for them and they were really good, too. My ears are ringing and I'm half...
  9. loco-gringo

    I didn't make it for Austin Bike's Waco ride...

    but I did head up to Waco to see Stoney Larue. Wumpus is far from a redneck, but I think enjoyed coming over and joining in for the show. Caroline absolutely loves this guy, so it was cool taking someone nearly 3 and watching how much fun she had. It's part of what makes Texas so cool to me. It...
  10. sanjuro

    Pit Aikido

    I was at Treasure Island Music Festival yesterday, and during TV On The Radio, I was very close to the stage. I tend to stay in one spot and not move very much, but people kept putting their elbows into me and josling me. I ended up having to use my slam dancing experience by pushing...
  11. LeRoy


    I got into this yesterday and a bunch of my friends have now put it on their various social networking pages. It's been a blast so far and I have been able to pass a couple of days worth of studies while rocking out to tunes (both new and old) selected by my buddies. It's making me laugh as I...
  12. stinkyboy

    Brad Sucks

    I don't remember how I got turned on to this one man band, but his first album was pretty damn good IMO. Anyway, his second release is out, and it's free (or pay what you can).
  13. MMike

    I am influential

    So it's kind of a running thing here at work. i occasionally burn a CD for the guys in the shop....of the most obscure/awful/retarded music i can think of. So I brought in a new one today. Among other things, it had "The Final Countdown" by Europe on it. So far today I've now caught at...
  14. jimmydean

    How big of a sell out do you have to be?

    I heard on the radio this morning that the "new" Guns and Roses album is being released Exclusively at WalMart. Ironic that the album is titled "Chinese Democracy". Granted, I'm not a fan of them, but to sign a deal like that is just sad. Were they not making enough money on the county...
  15. Spero

    Poor Iggy

    No fun, my babe, no fun. Check out that list...jeez. http://www.boingboing.net/2008/08/05/iggy-and-the-stooges-1.html#more
  16. BurlyShirley

    Is there a band...

    ...who uses this: as a band logo? See because my wife bought me a shirt at goodwill, with that symbol on it, and Im afraid to wear it because Im afraid it's a Fallout Boy or My Chemical Romance shirt. halp!
  17. jimmydean

    Tribute vs. Cover band?

    What is the difference? Last night, I had the pleasure of checking out Drop Dead Legs at the Washington County fair. They are a Van Halen Tribute band, but the female lead singer looked a lot more like Sammy Hagar than David Lee Roth. Based on the experience, here is my conclusion...
  18. M

    Biking Music

    I have been looking for some really great music to get me pumped when I'm riding and up until last week i had been settled on rap. however, now i think rock is the better choice and the band Pop Evil is a perfect band to get you pumped. Their song Hero is the ultimate pump up song. i checked out...
  19. B

    I hate Coldplay

    But can't stop listening to their new, overproduced, utter crap album. Why? It makes me feel so fuzzies insides :(
  20. Echo

    What a pain in the ass.

    So we have this gig tomorrow night, we got stuck with some opening band from another city who actually planned to just show up and use all our gear. After a bunch of back-and-forth, we decided to share most of the drum kit and maybe the bass rig. I dunno who these guys are but apparently...