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  1. drkenan

    Any Coheed and Cambria fans around?

    I just got VIP tickets to see Coheed and Cambria in LA at their 4 night Neverender concert. I've never been so excited about a show in my life. Apparently it sold out in "seconds". :banana: I tried to get NYC tickets this morning but no luck. As a VIP, I will receive early admission to...
  2. SK6

    In Flames Bitches!!!!!

  3. JohnE

    Top ten twats...

    Inspired by the Molly Hatchett thread... 1. Don Henley 2. Madonna 3. Angelina Jolie 4. Rush Limbaugh 5. Hilary Clinton 6. GHW Bush 7. Dick Cheney 8. Ted Nugent 9. A-Rod 10. Paris Hilton Credit to SkaredShtles...you are my muse...in a totally non ghey whey.

    Riding Tunes? Whats your jam

    Everyone has that certain song, or style of music thats just perfect for riding. Of course, some choose to just suffer in silence, but that perfect song has the power to just lift your spirit during a race, to motivate your dead legs and tired mind to just push it that much harder, or to make...
  5. DNA

    All Known Metal Bands

    McSweeney's is a literary journal and publisher. They have a book club where you pay $100 and get their next ten books (whatever they are). Sometimes the book is poetry, sometimes a reprint of an 1800s madcap comedy, and sometimes it is new fiction ... you never know what you are going to get...
  6. T

    saw leftover crack

    been waiting to see them for a while now. They put on a super good show and ended up doing choking victim songs for like half there set.
  7. stinkyboy

    What Should I be Listening to?

    I'm in a rut. Despite now having the complete libraries of most of my favorite bands (Replacements, Dinosaur Jr., etc) I am in need of some new goodness. Seems Narlus would be the go to guy on this matter, but all recommendations will be considered. Thanks from the old guy who saw KISS in 1974...
  8. TN

    Anyone use Pandora?

    I have all but ditched my mp3's at work. It is pretty sweet although sometimes I disagree with some of the songs. If you use it what are you listening too? Here are my stations... http://www.pandora.com/people/cchristenbury#tbl_stations_table,all
  9. stinkyboy

    Your Top 5 Most Played Songs

  10. cannondalejunky

    Rebel Country

    so i really don't like country music, but lately i've been listening to some rebel country...what are some good bands...all i really know is Hank 3 and David Allen Coe
  11. N8 v2.0

    Saw Lifehouse live tonite...

    very rockin'! Good show.. they sound better live than on teh cd. Also saw Matt Nathanson and HoneyHoney... both were good. Didnt take a cam tho.
  12. bitingback

    Best Summertime Songs

    ok I know i'm gonna get creamed for this one...but i just LOVE this new song Summertime and then some oldies that remind me of summer... Brown-Eyed Girl (what a hard song to find an original to) just to name a few
  13. eric strt6

    Sweet Home Alabama...Ruski Style

    Prepare yourself for this one - maybe with a Stoli martini or two. Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Red Army had an official choir composed of male soldiers and musicians. It still exists. The Red Army Choir performs throughout Russia to this day. Now consider the Finnish...
  14. Cru Jones

    Give The Drummer Some

    This isn't really my style of music... a little too U2ish for me. But, the drummer is bad ass. Check it...

    favourite bass lines

    i love cake's bassist, gabe nelson. and my favourite bass lines gotta be (blush) cake's i will survive. what are yours?
  16. MudGrrl

    Nine Inch Nails

    Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, and Death From Above 1979 played in DC last night. The crowd wore black. There were chicks gyrating to Closer (I wanna fck you like an animal..) There was a chick in front of us that looked like Goth Paris Hilton The mosh pits ...