1. ZanTehMan

    New at mtb, help?

    Okay, so a few weeks ago there was a bike left in my yard, (probably stolen) it is a Specialized Expedition Sport, so i pumped up the tires, and went to a few hills in the neighborhood, and to my suprise, it is fun as hell! Ive decided that i want this to be my hobby since im out of school and...
  2. S

    ..what the piss am i getting myself into..my intro..

    Here my intro to this world.. name spangler from Pittsburgh pa age 27 old... previous bmx dirt jumper push trails rip wife and i went camping up in the mountains the other weekend..Headed to seven springs to hang out for the day. seen they had this new downhill mountain bike set up..and...
  3. M

    Biking Music

    I have been looking for some really great music to get me pumped when I'm riding and up until last week i had been settled on rap. however, now i think rock is the better choice and the band Pop Evil is a perfect band to get you pumped. Their song Hero is the ultimate pump up song. i checked out...
  4. knittingfiend

    Unused emoticons

    :cupidarrow: 'nuf said