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  1. stoney

    Star Wars: Force Awakens Thread (Spoiler Alert)

    Keep your movie conversations in here please. A lot of us haven't had a chance to see the movie yet.
  2. P

    Handling: BB height vs drop.

    After building my 29er HT I've been thinking about bike geometry a lot and one thing keeps bugging me: the effect of bb height and drop on the handling. I'm pretty sure bb drop is responsible for how poppy a frame feels because it determines the 'tipping point', getting the front wheel off...
  3. TN


    new work machine.
  4. jonKranked

    Apple's (Doomed) Tablet - Old man yells at icloud

    "its like closing a sci-fi trilogy with a western" :rofl: warning: some nsfw language. http://www.cracked.com/funny-3865-apple-tablet/
  5. Total Heckler

    New Apple releases

    Check out the live updates here: http://live.gizmodo.com/ Highlights, -new nano has a video camera / mic built in -ipod touch goes up to 64gb -ipod classic is $249 for 160gb
  6. jonKranked

    Disney to Buy Marvel

    http://money.cnn.com/2009/08/31/news/companies/disney_marvel/index.htm for $4 billion. I think this is an epic fail. I'm worried that Disney will ruin Marvel with their family friendliness. Boo. On another note, I'm curious to see what this will do to the Toy biz. Right now, Marvel...
  7. norbar

    Childhood Memories

    For those of you who still remember the old games and the marvelous sentences that were a part of them. Also grammar nazis complaining that english today in use is much worse than the one 10-20years ago will be a bit suprised ;) The orginal image was to big for RM so just use the link ;)...
  8. MountainDrew

    Video Game Monkeys

    E3 kicked off today with The Beatles....or whats left of them... Discuss E3......GO
  9. stinkyboy

    The 2009 MacWorld Expo Thread

    Too bad Jobs will not be giving the keynote (unless he makes a surprise appearance) since apparently it's the last expo for Apple at Moscone. Just talked to a buddy that works for Apple and he pretty much confirmed the new and bad ass Mac Mini. If it's black, that will be a bonus and look...
  10. TN

    Flash monkees

    Any Flash experts here? Is it possible to have a flash graphic on a home page that changes everyday? I am guessing there is some sort of script that can read the date from the HTML on a webpage & change to a corresponding graphic to coincide with M-S. Is this an easy thing to build if it...
  11. Sshields32

    Fire fox!

    I dont know how many of you use firefox but for those who do! what are your favorite add ons and why?
  12. TN

    Geeks: How much you got hanging?

    How many gigs do you have on you right now. Winner gets a fistful of flowers. I have 8 gigs hanging around my neck. :D