nerd fight

  1. Riding

    Quick, Need ideas for Facebook prank

    I need some quick ideas to screw with a guy I work with. I was just at chipotle and noticed his business card in the free burrito fishbowl. I was thinking of updating my facebook status(which he will read) to something like: Riding was just at Chipotle. Cops everywhere, apparently some...
  2. I Are Baboon

    What are the odds (math nerds)

    So you've got two grid sheets that contain 100 squares. Each row and column is randomly numbered 0-9. You pick one square on each sheet in different spots. Turns out you've got the same random column and row number on each sheet. What are the odds of that happening? Does my explanation make...
  3. buildyourown

    iPhone users who aren't Apple fan boys

    I "need" a new phone. My old one died and I was hurried into buying the POS I have. I will never buy anything LG again. It is a complete pile. Anyways, I want a smartphone that will sync with Outlook. I also want WiFi and GPS. I like the idea of iPhone apps that allow developers to go...