new bike

  1. DaveW

    New toy time!

    Been a sucky year eh! Time to cheer myself up with a new whup! Just getting the frame custom painted now by a mate who does some ridiculously hot (show winning) hotrod paint jobs. Got the base coats down, the paint is the same as on the latest pikes.... a paint called "Liquid metal" which is in...
  2. B

    2013 Giant Defy Composite 1 vs Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3

    Hi, I need help deciding between a 2013 Giant Defy Composite 1 and a Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 (Ultegra components), for replacing my stolen 2009 Felt F5C (Ultegra & 105 mix). I have been riding since 2009 and have done 3 Death Rides and couple of other centuries. I like going on long...
  3. mountain_matt

    K2 Lithium vs new bike

    Ok I've got a 2002 K2 Lithium 4.0 I bought from a guy on craigslist. Since owning it i've been constantly replacing broken parts. I replaced my front fork with a Fox Vanilla R. Well I was riding it the other day and it completely blew out on me. I lost all the oil on the spring side. I'm also...
  4. DTLogic

    Foes Hydro or Glory???

    I’m presently on a 08 Glory but the frame is a large and I really should be on a medium. So I’m looking to upgrade to a new frame. The two that I have my eyes on are either the 2011 Glory or Foes Hydro. I’m not a going to race but I do some freeriding. My riding style would be classified as...
  5. B

    The Perfect Bike?

    So it's that time again in my life; Time to buy a new bike!! :rockout: But. . I can't decide which frame to go with because I can't afford a Downhill bike AND a dedicated Freeride bike so. . My question is this: In your humble opinions, Which frame feels great on Downhill but doesn't...
  6. ridenorcal

    2008 dhr sizing

    I am about to order a 2008 Turner dhr but am a little unsure about the sizing. At 5'11, I am just outside of Turner's recommended height range for the size medium, however I don't feel like I should be on a large. Any dhr owners out there that are about my size? What sizes are you guys...