1. D

    Newbie downhill advice - tires and fork

    Hi everyone. I am 15 years old and I am relatively new to downhill. Last year I bought a Gary fisher all mountain bike and I snapped the frame, so I bought a 2004 Astrix Huckster but I suffered a back injury shortly after that so I sold it. I was just cleared to ride dh again so I bought a...
  2. breesteak

    newbie saddle help

    i literally started cycling this morning LOL i can't run outside, as the impact kills me, so i decided to cycle in the summers to stay active. anyway, i have some questions about my saddle. see, i got this bike free from a local guy. 7-8 years old Kona Hahanna MTB. (says RaceLight on the side)...
  3. ZanTehMan

    New at mtb, help?

    Okay, so a few weeks ago there was a bike left in my yard, (probably stolen) it is a Specialized Expedition Sport, so i pumped up the tires, and went to a few hills in the neighborhood, and to my suprise, it is fun as hell! Ive decided that i want this to be my hobby since im out of school and...
  4. Advent

    How do I get into Downhill when fate is against me?

    So, like any other teenage boy, I watched some mountain biking videos and became interested. I took my bike (an old but reliable mountain bike w/ no suspension, how fun) to the local park to ride on some trails, and was immediately hooked. However, as much fun as XC is, I'd really love to get...