1. $tinkle

    wanted: cups print job log file example

    for a migration project, one of our apps uses a cron to read log files & update a table with submitted jobs. it's pretty straight fwd pattern matching, as long as you know the pattern. *nothing* at cups.org advertises what you should expect in the log file when you submit a job, just 7 various...
  2. $tinkle

    cvs expertise needed

    so in /home/user, i've made a dev tree & created a branch, checking stuff in w/ an arbitrary sticky tag. when i sudo su - <other guy>, i then check out the entire branch & get sh|t done. later, i have to add another api under the orig /home/user dev tree where i cvs add & commit go back...
  3. $tinkle

    static lib APIs on *nix; building w/ make/g++

    so we have this in-house tool that's advertised as pnp - no make'ing required. however, when building downstream dependencies, the main api can be seen, but embedded calls to other routines, or references to external consts aren't. i'm led to believe our make file should just cp junk over to...
  4. $tinkle

    who speaks PaiMei?

    while reading up on inducing kernel panics (linked @ /. yesterday), i stumbled upon something slightly cooler: PaiMei
  5. $tinkle

    fvwm taskbar manipulation

    so i need to put a home-spun logo right next to the clock on fvwmTaskBar (where you might see a new mail notification on a typical windoze tasktray), and all i can tell from the man pages & fvwm.org is you're allowed to manipulate the clock, toggle mail notification, and nothing else. seems to...