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  1. daisycutter

    NBA Game 7 Finals

    THe refs are trying to give the game to the Lakers. They just cannot seem to make their foul shots. I think if this foul call ratio goes on any longer though the Lakers will win.
  2. DirtyMike

    Hogan and Flair???

    Are you ****ting me??????? Hogan and Flair back in the ring again??????? WTF? Didnt these old Fcuks retire like seven times now????? ****, now I see were favre got the idea from.
  3. MMike

    No findings

    We just completed a 3 day Transport Canada Audit. (Transport Canada being the equivalent of the FAA). They had zero findings. This is good. Nearly unheard of actually. The auditors actually said that in all their years, they've never not had at least one finding against a DAO. Apparently...