no great loss

  1. splat

    1 can of this stuff WILL kill you!

    http://www.blastcaffeine.com/ ‎Math: The lethal does of caffeine for a 180 LB (81.6 kilograms) human is 12,240 to 16,320 milligrams. Each can of "Blast Caffeine" contains 15 GRAMS (15,000 milligrams) of caffeine. How long do you think it will take for teh first High School Kid to OD...
  2. IH8Rice

    Jackass star dead

    Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame and his passenger were killed in car accident this morning locally this was a Porsche GT3 http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/06/20/jackass-star-ryan-dunn-killed-in-car-crash-report-says/
  3. eric strt6

    Darwin stikes again

    Most excellent fail captured end to end
  4. Pesqueeb

    Darwin rides the train.

  5. eric strt6

    The lost generation

    Alright so I'm old enough to be this kids father and maybe I'm out of touch but WTF. Hiking in the Marin Headlands, spectacular vistas, dramatic cliffs and you are so busy texting your friends back east that you walk off a cliff? :think: Teen hiker who fell to his death may have been...