nobody cares


    Apology to those offended.

    Recently it came to my attention that some people on ride monkey were offended by my thread on Ami Winehouse. Although I find a lot of people make fun of famous people that die for whatever reasons, anyone only need to watch Jay Leno to see, I guess I don't expect to find former addicts and...
  2. MMike

    It's official. I really AM stupid

    I've gotten myself caught up in drama at work. Let's see if I can explain.... There are 3 guys that report to the production manager. The production manager reports to the GM of the company. So the 3 guys have problems with their boss, the prod mgr. They have gone to the GM with their...
  3. sanjuro

    Olympic Karma

    Last week: This week: The newest facepalm:
  4. MMike

    Who wants to design helicopter graphics?

    We have a medium Bell (old UH-1 and B205 fused together) fuselage (no tailboom) at work that we use for test fits etc. It's coming to our big trade show this year and it's getting dolled up. It's currently white and they want to do a decal job on it. Anyone want to design a scheme? There...
  5. loco-gringo

    Cooler than blue...

    These will be at home this evening. :thumb: I'll be pimpin' the podiatry.