1. F

    CCDB owners help! Loud noise

    Hi, I just got a ccdb and it sound very much compared to my Fox RC4. I found this video on youtube and mine sounds the same. Is this normal for the shock? I guess its the oil passing that makes the sound but this loud? Cane creek double barrel noise test - YouTube *EDIT* This is video of my...
  2. MTBXRacing

    Floating Brake Arm Vibration

    I have a Haro 357 that has been completely custom rebuilt. I noticed yesterday on taking the bike had for it's second DH run at Diablo there is a vibration that seems to be coming from the floating brake arm when the rear brake was brake applied hard with a loud noise like a horn. I'm running...
  3. ultraNoob

    Bearing Race Repair

    Got an older formula rear wheel. At high speed it was making a growling sound. Opened it up and found imperfections (pitts) on the inner bearing race (the one used to preload the bearings). Does anyone know any way to fill those pitts reliably or am I stuck with buying a new hub?