1. ZanTehMan

    New at mtb, help?

    Okay, so a few weeks ago there was a bike left in my yard, (probably stolen) it is a Specialized Expedition Sport, so i pumped up the tires, and went to a few hills in the neighborhood, and to my suprise, it is fun as hell! Ive decided that i want this to be my hobby since im out of school and...
  2. metalchef87

    New to MTB need help with a few things

    Hi. I live in Berea Kentucky and I am pretty much a noob to mountain biking, but I know there are good trails around to ride and I really want to get with it. First of all I currently have a bike that I bought at a yard sale for in-town commuting, it is a huffy manitoba, I don't know the year...
  3. H

    noob saying hello...and has a question

    Hey everyone im new to this forum and biking in general. Im basically getting a bike to 1)get to and from school and 2)to go on some trails and downhill some times....well my two choices are these...keep in mind i dont need the best bike but just a decent one for cheap(im a college student) my...