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    For Sale 2013 Norco Rance Killer B-2

    This is a Medium 2013 Norco Range Killer B-2 with 650/27.5 wheels that I am looking to sell. I have upgraded multiple items on the bike and have kept it in excellent condition. I decided that I wanted to try a different bike just for fun, but this has been such an incredible bike to have. It...
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    What size/stroke shock fits NORCO ATOMIK 2005 please guys.

    I have a NORCO ATOMIK 2005 and need a new shock but have no clue on stroke? Driving me nuts lol
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    Anyone interested in a Norco A-line?

    I have a Norco A-line that is anything but stock. The frame is in good shape along with most of the components. I have dumped a lot of money into this bike to make it perform better and look better. Here is the recent spec list. Frame: 2005 Norco A-line Fork: 2006 Marzocchi 888vf2- Recently...