1. tahoemtb

    Anyone ride Northstar?

    I'm kinda new to downhill but pretty stoked on it. Starting to feel more comfortable down all the blacks. My usual ride buddy just moved so I'm looking for people that want to go ride at Northstar or Kirkwood. Don't need a babysitter down the hill just people to push me. Or even meeting up for a...
  2. R

    Anyone going to northstar this week?

    I'm heading up to northstar this week, I'm from Colorado and out here on vacation so I need a Riding partner. I downhill just for fun, race bmx, ride cross country. But I'm mainly looking to downhill. Pm me if your interested!
  3. anthonywestphoto

    Northstar At Tahoe 2010 4th Annual Live Wire Classic DH Race Photos

    Photos are posted! Check them out here: pedalpics.com See you at the next race in September. Boondocks should be interesting. :) Cheers, Anthony
  4. Beast

    ProGRT #3 at Northstar

    So, who's coming? It's a junior world's qualifier, so I imagine a number a fast youngsters. Rumor has it that Cedric will be there, too. A little course preview, minus a few "pro" features that were being finished up: Race details: http://www.progrt.com/tahoe2010.htm
  5. PatBranch

    Race For Tara @ Northstar

    Who's going? The race is next weekend. "The Mega DH course is a one of a kind course for a one of a kind event!! A Classic!! This year Northstar has put together an unreal downhill course that will challenge both your skill and your fitness. The course will be approximately 4 miles long...
  6. N

    What DH Grips should I use? Goggles?

    I have ridden at North Star a handfull of times. The only thig that I cant figure out is why my hands go numb after about 6 hrs. of riding. I have a pair of ODI Oury lock on grips on my bike and the stock Specilaized DH bars and every day my hands are dead? I have fairly large hands but Im not...