nut gargling

  1. T

    Animated GIF's

    How do you make them? I have about 7 or 8 pictures I'd like to do it with.
  2. $tinkle

    poor man's photochop in scottsdale almost works

    Permanent Marker Fools Photo Radar i was northbound on scottsdale ave this evening when a jetta & denali raced by & 2 quick strobes got them around Shea. whatever happened to facing your accuser?
  3. MMike

    Not pulling any strings, I have been injured by a tampon

    ....but I'd rather not talk about it
  4. bitingback

    I Kissed a Girl...

    ...and i liked it. okay...so this song is playing a lot on our radio station. my son says "mommy this song is stupid." i ask him why he says that. "because everyone kisses girls and everyone likes it" :shocked:
  5. stosh


    WTF that bar at the top of the page with all the silly words is almost as useless at RM Credits. It makes me want to quit RM.
  6. MMike

    Dumb guy, good swimmer....

  7. MMike

    I may have lost my wallet

    I just got back from the park with the girls. I noticed while I was there that I didn't have it in my pocket. I assumed I had forgotten it because I had no real memory of grabbing it before I left. It's almost impossible for my wallet to fall out of these pockets. But I jsut got home and I can't...
  8. SkaredShtles

    I had 12-grain today.........

    for lunch and Skook is correct. 12-grain is the Lord of the Bread. :)
  9. Ridemonkey

    The South America Forum is getting shut down.

    And we wil be deleting all the threads. Reasons: 1. We have repeatedly warned certain individuals about the kind of photos they have been psoting yet they insist on pushing the limits. 2. Most of the photos you have posted and/or linked to - YOU DON'T OWN THEM! It's illegal to post...