nuttier than squirrel poo

  1. Pesqueeb

    The pinnacle of irony.

    Jeebus nutz say environmentalism is belief in unprovable bullsh*t. :twitch:
  2. Knuckleslammer

    Dentists - RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr..............

    What would you do? My mouth is a mess. I got 3 teeth prepped for caps. Two molars in back of an implant and one in front of the implant. Since that appointment, which they prepped the teeth and put on temp caps, my mouth kills when drinking and in general. So I go back and he says that...
  3. CrabJoe StretchPants

    Hey Knuck.......

    remember this?:rofl:
  4. rideit

    Any of you retarts...

    On www.F88me.com? Is it down for everyone?
  5. Knuckleslammer

    Help me with this argument - SALT

    I'm arguing with a brainwashed co-worker. You know, those fvcking idiots that get all their information from FOX news and CNN? I'm trying to get her to understand that REAL UNPROCESSED SALT is not white. She's also trying to tell me sea salt is white. RUBBISH Sea Salt is not...
  6. Knuckleslammer


    Bread is rubbish. I'm tired of inferior bread, I'm done with it. Bread is supposed to have flour, water, salt, yeast. Yet when I buy bread, it's got F'N aluminum in it. Plus, whenever I eat bread, I'm exhausted afterwards. I'm starting to think the only place you can get real bread is in...
  7. Pesqueeb

    O rly?

    Sanity FTW!