nwd 9

  1. sjordan72

    New World Disorder 9 viewing in San Diego!

    Hey everyone, this is an advance warning! By Monday or Tuesday it should be official but I wanted to get the ball rolling. We will be doing screenings of NWD 9 "Never Enough" in San Diego Friday December 5th at midnight and the 6th at noon. This weekend I meet with a rep from New Belgium Brewing...
  2. yesimaddicted

    NWD 9 Premier in San Fran next friday night

    San Francisco, CA October 10, 2008 Doors Open: 7:00 pm Show Starts: 8:00 pm Location:Chrome Headquarters 580 4th St All ages show, tickets 10$ Guest Djs Ice O and Echo 5 Host: SF DIRTLAB Contact: matt@sfdirtlab.com, 415-713-9587 im going for sure, who else??:monkeydance: