1. J

    Obtanium/ K9 Thrust Bearing Search!

    I have been searching for an Obtanium or K9 brand thirst bearing with no luck! It has to be one of those two brand because the spring I am using (Obtanium) and the shock I am using (Vivid) both use 1.5 ID. If you have one and are looking to get rid of it please let me know, thanks!
  2. M

    New MX tune and Obtainium goodness

    This isn't a DH bike, nor am I a DH racer(won a shirt on phat wednesday though!), but I figured it would be interesting to you guys, enjoy! So I was in the Seattle area a few weeks ago and (because nobody locally can) I called Jim at Obtainium to see if he would measure a couple springs for...