1. X3pilot

    The president at the Olympics

  2. cliffster5

    Anyone else not sure Phelps won the 7th gold?

    Boy it sure looked like the serbian guy beat him to the wall on my TV. Got me wondering if Diebold (sp?) had a subcontract w/Omega to make the touch plates for the pool.
  3. JohnE

    Olympics are coming...

    Do you care? If so, what will you watch? Who here is the closet rhythmic gymnastics fan??? I dont care...but I will jump on the new hot female athlete bandwagon, just cuz...
  4. B

    Olympic MB Racer Adam Craig

    For anyone else who might think this is an interesting read - Racer Adam Craig sounded like a pretty fun dude! http://www.motortrend.com/features/consumer/112_0807_mountain_bike_racer_adam_craig_celeb_drive/index.html
  5. kidwoo

    What network is airing the olympics?

    Have there been any broadcast times for bmx announced? I have no tv service so need to plan a visit to a bar or a buddy's house. tanks