omaha fondue pot

  1. stinkyboy

    Just flew in from Omaha...

    ...and boy is my liver tired. Four days of seeing old friends (and a surprise visit from a high school girlfriend who drove up from KC for some ol' school stinkyboy lovin') and attending my brothers wedding. Good freakin' times! Time to get back on the wagon.
  2. TN

    :shaking head:

  3. M

    Sick Video

    The guy in the batman mask got divorced a while back and wanted to do some music videos to help ease his pain. Here is the latest:
  4. DirtMcGirk

    I'm going to start praying to Joe Pesci

    For some reason the Mormons and the JW's have been running a train on my block this week, trying to convert the tattooed naked heathen and his strange little dogs. I thing I am going to follow the words of George Carlin. I'm going to pray to Joe Pesci. Not safe for work, drops the...
  5. sanjuro

    My comedic hero in jail

  6. trailhacker

    Carbon Bars = elbow pain?

    I have been using a set of Gravity (FSA) carbon bars in with a 31.8 clamp. The idea was to get a stiff, strong bar. Obviously more than I really needed for what I am mostly riding. I have been noticing more and more that when I ride lately my elbows start to ache and more so the arch or webs...
  7. Reactor

    there is nothing worse than ....

    a hospital psuedo ham and psuedo cheese omlet. Add your own.
  8. TN

    Kids on statins

    Just teach your fat ass kid to eat right. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7496988.stm
  9. scottishmark

    Canon v. Sigma (calling photomonkies)

    Evening all, I've got a Canon 350D with the bog standard kit lens, so was looking to get something with a larger zoom so that I dont need to get quite so close to the action when at Ft. Bill and the like (seriously, Kovarik and Rennie scared the sh*t out of me!). So I've been looking at...
  10. MMike

    Dumb guy, good swimmer....

  11. ire

    Why is Bush still in office?

    Why has he been able to keep his position? He lied to the public, and to Congress in his State of the Union (prior to the Iraq war, and lying before Congress is a crime). Shouldn't there be a large out cry to get him out of office? The thing that kills me the most is that religious people...
  12. Drunken_Ninja

    What is your Porn Star Name?!?

    Having a porn star name often means privacy to keep unwanted fans away from you but helps to develop a sense of freedom and popularity. Here is a way to create your own valid porn star name. First you take the name of your first pet (maby something kind of cute and often thought of as cuddly)...