ooh ma ma mow

  1. sanjuro

    Five flushes is not a love song

    I was ready to get my swerve on when my lady friend went into the can. I am thinking about the game plan, invite her to sit next to me, turn down the lights,... when I hear the toilet flush. Ok, she had to poop. Its natural. Flush again. OMG, what a load she must have dropped...
  2. jonKranked

    help send Justin Bieber to...

    North Korea. Do it. Vote early, vote often. http://tweeter.faxo.com/Justin_Bieber_My_World_Tour
  3. MMike

    It's been a few days now....

    I think we've had time to digest it. Come to terms with it. But I think it's important that we talk about it openly. We need to accept that the bird is the word.