1. vinny4130

    Sold 2018 Fox 34 performance elite 140mm boost

    It is new fork from a 2018 rocky never used 140mm boost. I would like 600$ and I’ll cover shipping in the lower 48.
  2. L

    Stolen: my deceased husband's orange Rikulau road bike

    Yesterday, Valentine's Day, my deceased husband's beloved orange 953 steel Rikulau road bike was stolen IN BROAD DAYLIGHT after it was parked, locked at Planet Granite, SF climbing gym. This unusual orange bike, purchased in 2010 from A Bicycle Odyssey, Sausalito, was kitted out with SRAM group...
  3. dump

    Strange Oranges... 225

    Spotted these on Orange Bike's facebook page. Looks like they were taken at Ft. William. Our very own Fraser is on the raw version. Looks like a nice linkage-driven incarnation of the 224 with a few tweaks. Captions as listed on facebook. Discuss. 225 Transcend Mag/Fraser 225...
  4. Transcend

    Transcend Orange 224

    Finally have the sticker kits in for the Transcend Orange Team 224s. Nice and simple! They even look decent on the size gigantoid bike.