ow my balls

  1. Pesqueeb

    Ow! My balls!

    Maybe this belongs in the lounge, but as many Idiocracy references get used around here, It surely has a home in PAWN. The Japanese, always ahead of the weirdness curve. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  2. Nick

    "in association with GrindTV and Yahoo sports"

    hmmm, I just noticed that. Did Mr. Bishop flip teh monkey already, or are they all owned by the same conglomerate?
  3. Pesqueeb

    Republitards *sigh*

    So I'm currently reading "Your Government Failed You" by Richard Clarke. I dropped it on the desk when I came into the hangar this morning and was almost immediately assaulted by one of the resident Palin/tea bagger/birther mouth breathers about how the government failed because of "retard...
  4. narlus

    hitting the jump is the easy part...

    ...it's landing it that's tricky sometimes. after a few days of sessioning small jumps made w/ particle boards and bricks, the kids wanted to try the plastic, curved ramp of death again (miles had a close call last year or so, landing pretty nose heavy...otis had never tried it). otis...