oyster spanking

  1. DRB

    Women's Beach Volleyball...

    might be the best sport EVER! Kerri Walsh should just not stop slapping Misty May's ass.
  2. ire

    Armstrong is still damn fast

    He nailed second at the Leadville 100, not bad for being retired http://www.velonews.com/article/81522/wiens-and-armstrong-shatter-leadville-record
  3. pigboy

    nerds: nagios

    any network admin nerds in here using Nagios to monitor their systems and equipment? i'm in the drudgery of setting up all the monitoring now and needed to take a break before my brain seized up. so I thought I'd waste bandwidth in here and see if any other monkeys burn their neural networks...
  4. 4xBoy

    It's an addiction for me,

    Any thread, no matter the title, when Arkayne has the last post I search just to see what picture has been added. :cheers:
  5. Wingnut

    I'm in a hotel and the whole building is shaking..

    The balance is WAY out on the floors washing machine.