1. szacsi72

    Avid Juicy 3 pad problems

    Hey guys I have an AVID Juicy 3 at home, but my idiot friend pulled the lever- when it was not on the bike. So the pads touched themself. I need help to fix it! Thanks David
  2. frango

    Race Face Ambush Knee Guard/Pads (2010)

    Hi, I haven't found any info/review about mentioned pads on RM, so I start a new thread... Are there any users on RF Ambush Knee 2010 or 2011 pads out there? There is good offer on CRC which is very tempting. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Models.aspx?ModelID=48770 Pls advise.
  3. AlCapone

    Strokers lost power.

    My Hayes Stroker Trails just lost power. Both brakes, on the same day. The rear one will barely lock, and the front one is a little worse than the rear. The levers still feel the same. Is it just pad contamination? I tried cleaning the pads and rotors with nail polish remover (what my local bike...
  4. W

    Oiled disc pads now they slip

    My front disc brake was squeeky so I put a drop of oil between the disc brake pads... Now the brake has lost all it's stopping power, even after I have wiped the pads down. I read on another forum that the oil will soak into the pads and they will have to be replaced. Before I go jetting off...
  5. bdamschen

    Need girl advice! - What armor do you wear?

    My girlfriend is going to be graduating in 2 weeks here, and since she just got her new bike built up, I wanted to get her some protection as a grad present. Is there one brand over another that's more comfortable for girls? What size do all you 5'10", 130-140lb ladies wear?? Preferable...