1. D

    For Sale Eastern Black Betty Custom DJ Build

    I built this bike up specifically for park/dirt. I'm looking for something that can take some bigger hits and is designed for trails/dirt jumps. Slopestyle preferred. This bike has been great to me. It's solid, the geometry is PERFECT! Slammed chainstays, steep angle in the head tube. I just...
  2. Igor Debatur

    Video: LOCALS 1: Krasnodar

    Our team RIDERS just made a new edit, want to share it with you guys. Locals from Krasnodar, Russia, nailing it on the street. It's pure awesomeness and I'm sure you didn't know even that this city exists :D It's first video in the series, so it would be awesome to hear your feedback! If...
  3. G

    Santa Rosa CycloCross Finals - Doyle Park

    February 14th's SRCX Finals In Doyle Park seemed like a great success to me, an outsider from the north... This was the first of these that I have attended, but definitely hope they continue and we'll all get another shot at them. Snapped some photos of the day that can be viewed at...
  4. sittingduck

    Park. Pics. 20"

    More pics HERE hoppingduck 180duck duckhop duckplant
  5. TreeSaw

    2008 Season Photos

    Admin edit: Please limit the number of photos per post to around 3-4. That will allow the thread to be split up across multiple pages rather than being a several-megabyte single page load. Here's the deal...I personally love seeing ride photos and I am tired of the drama so use this thread...